Project Overview

Multiple and complex challenges faced by EU economies, related to continuous changes on labor market (including the digitalization of more fields of activities), imminence of an economic crisis as result of COVID-19 pandemic, weaker chances of women on labor market and under-representativity in entrepreneurship, cause the increase of socioprofessional exclusion risk in case of women with lower ability to adapt to the new dimensions of society development.
Context analysis in partners countries shows a high fluctuation/dropout in the first year after taking up a new job and a relatively low survival rate of newly founded businesses, due to the fact that traditional training measures are not focusing enough on identification of the individual key strengths and competences. Also, educators/adult trainers targeting the group of women in the labor market, need to upgrade their competences to guide, motivate and encourage women in such precarious and uncertain, but potentially also promising transitory situations.


Specific objectives of CCNET project have in view:
a) the development of the counselling competences in case of 20 adult trainers, through effective use of digital technologies and innovative solutions, in order to identify and assess the portfolio of competences necessary for socio-professional integration of 80 women that intend to reorient professionally or are in
risk of socio-professional exclusion;
b) raising awareness regarding own competences and support those women for developing professional life, including entrepreneurship as a career option, through occupational online networks.